Female Carnality from “A Male Eye”: Gothicizing the Female Desire in Faulkner’s “As I Lay Dying” and “A Rose for Emily”

Typically modernist texts, both stories tackle the theme of female carnality, which is Gothicised since both female protagonists are represented as monstrous creatures, “demons in the house”, who are dangerously sexual and who instigate destruction to avenge their abused and oppressed sexuality.

(.…) a very romantic title that tells the tragic tale of Emily Grierson’s enforced loneliness and gloomy life with the corpse of the man who broke her heart and expectations. Emily’s story, though so tragic, parallels Emily’s passage from a victimized into a victimizer; from an oppressed female into an oppressor.

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Traditional African Values

It is incontrovertible that there are pristine traditional African values for which Africans are identified amidst the cultures of the world. It is also factual that, in contemporary times, Africa is undergoing harrowing experiences due to the corrosion, devaluation and desecration of these values through the uncritical imbibement, assimilation and influences of alien values, which antagonize and conflict with the traditional ones.

(...) Muntu, here, in Bantu ontology depicts that élan vital that is vivacious and connotes a living force.

(...) Nko atim-me atotot Awasi, anye atuak isong. A literal translation is that the instrument for digging the soil (Atim-me) first acknowledges God and clears with Him before striking the earth.

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Andrey Platonov and the Biopolitics of Failed Communism

Platonov’s fictional characters represent the "creaturely dimension" of "bare life" constructed by the Soviet governmental machine. They experience a shattering sense of longing for lost revolutionary ideals and manifest some kind of existential alert to the upcoming total colonization of private, as well as social life.

(...) The sovereign demiurge of poor life, in Platonov’s “The Foundation Pit”, is invisible. The power realizes itself through the omnipresent vocal mediation of Radio. Through dictating and calling voices, power fulfils the soteriological expectations of creatures excavating the pit for future houses for the proletariat.

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Where the Harm Comes From: Ethics of Mediating Collectives

We target three domains of global injustice: economic, environmental, and gender-related, following the threads of briefly stated cases in these domains. Our conclusion suggests recommendations for dealing more realistically and more efficiently with global injustice (...)

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Scottish Enlightenment Philosophy as a Theoretical Framework of Wine Rhetoric

Wine rhetoric encompasses the unique discourse, vocabulary, and tastes of sommeliers, restaurateurs, and other wine professionals. (...) The rhetorical skills they develop are reflective of Scottish Enlightenment theories on Taste and Beauty.

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The “Unhomed” in Zora Neale Hurston's “Their Eyes Were Watching God”

Unroofed, the laborers on the muck suffer from marginalisation. (...) Homeless, divested of the warm abode, Hurston’s characters are equally “unhomed” or unhomely, they face the cruelty of racial discrimination and “cultural alienation.” But eventually (...)

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When “Knowing How to Read Texts” Means Understanding and Inferring Meanings

(...) a vision of reading comprehension as a dynamic process of decoding and linguistic understanding, which suggests how the relationship between decoding and linguistic understanding should be integrative rather than additional.

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“Gabriel de Pedro Quintet”: Decisions in Search for a Sonority

The production process and musical performance of the album "La mujer árbol" (2018). (...) The theoretical framework conceives music as a process and performance, not as an isolated object. The research field is organized by (...)

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