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Dreadlocks Story Documenting a “Story behind History”



This article speaks about Dreadlocks Story, a documentary that treats why the Indians are entangled in Jamaican society and how Hinduism is a source of inspiration for the Rastafari movement. Based on a history erased from collective memory, the movie creates a steady conversation between the filmmaker, interviewees and the audience. Three components are altogether shown: the Rasta movement’s own internal development of an ethos, the correspondence of Rastafari and Hinduism, and the rapprochement between Asian Indians and African descendants in wider Jamaican history.

What directly follows are the decision-making processes that guided the film’s production. How does one translate experience into images? Then comes a part that addresses the role of the film at the crossroads between anthropology, as an ideological system, and film, as a medium for communication opposite to entertainment or art. “What does it mean to have made this film?” implies “What were my relations with this topic, as director-producer and scientist?” The mixture of film and anthropology has proved to be fruitful in picturing the need to go beyond the intimacy of individual scenarios for the purpose of understanding their place in the global system.


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