ganglion cyst
synovial cyst
juxtafacet cyst
degenerative spine disease
cauda equine syndrome
spinal fusion

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Iacob, G., & Rotund, B. (2013). Lumbar L4-L5 ganglion cyst with hemicauda equina syndrome: Report of a case and review of the literature. Romanian Neurosurgery, 20(4), 333–341. Retrieved from https://journals.lapub.co.uk/index.php/roneurosurgery/article/view/710


Mostly associated with degenerative facet joints and spondylolisthesis, symptomatic lumbar juxta facet cysts - ganglion and synovial cysts are uncommon lesions of the spine. They can mimic herniated discs, causing low back pain, radiculopathy or even cauda equina syndrome; also some of them are associated with spinal instability. Referring to a case with hemicauda equina syndrome where microsurgical decompression was performed with very good result; alternative treatment solutions are discussed: conservative therapy for symptomatic lesions is often unsuccessful, spinal fusion should be made for those cases with spinal instability, although there are reports of spontaneous resolution of these cysts as well as the symptoms associated with them.



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