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Ozdemir, N. G., Atci, I. B., Bag, S., Yilmaz, H., Karagoz, Y., & Yilmaz, A. (2016). Magnetic resonance imaging study; does the olfactory bulb volume change in major depression?. Romanian Neurosurgery, 30(1), 98–103. Retrieved from https://journals.lapub.co.uk/index.php/roneurosurgery/article/view/880


Goal: The olfactory region function disorders and olfactory bulb volume changes in neurodegenerative and neuropsychiatric disorders are defined. In this study, the olfactory bulb values of patients diagnosed with major depression in accordance with DMS-IV criteria, are measured with MRI, and these values are compared with the values of healthy volunteers to see if there are any statistically significant changes.
Method: The study was carried out with 20 healthy volunteers and 20 patients who had been diagnosed with acute major depression in accordance with ‘diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders’ (DMS) IV criteria and have been getting treatment for more than 2 years in Istanbul Education and Research Hospital. 1,5 Tesla MRI were used in 40 cases, and the olfactory bulb volume on two hemispheres were measured separately.
Results: Contrary to the former studies, we found no statistically significant difference between the olfactory bulb volume measurements of the control group and the group diagnosed with major depression.



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